Ripple Donates $50 Mln to Universities to Support Blockchain, Crypto Education

Ripple has created a University Blockchain Research Initiative, collaborating with 17 universities around the world with a donation of $ 50 million.

Ripple will also bring technical resources and expertise as part of the initiative, allowing universities to collaborate with Ripple on blockchain research and blockchain and crypto-based curriculum training.

Among others, Princeton will work with UBRI to investigate the political impact of crypto and blockchain around the world, UPenn will receive support for MBA-MS candidates for a dual degree program that allows work on crypto and blockchain, and the University of Luxembourg will build a blockchain research program.

Earlier this spring, Ripple also gave a X 29 million XRP donation to support public schools through the DonorsChoose charity fund. Most recently, Ashton Kutcher donated x 4 million in XRP to Ellen Degeneres ‘ Wildlife Fund as a surprise gift while recording her live show.

In May, the US law firm Taylor-Copeland Law filed a class action lawsuit against Ripple Labs for selling unregistered securities. The lawsuit goes to Ripple, its XRP II subsidiary and Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. The official complaint states:

“XRP buyers reasonably expected to make a profit from their XRP property, and the defendants themselves have frequently highlighted this profit motive […] Given its dependence on XRP sales, it is not surprising that Ripple Labs aggressively markets XRP to boost demand, increase the price of XRP, and thus its own profits.”

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