Ripple Exec: Blockchain, Crypto Will Have a Role in US Tech Independence

Ripple’s Ryan Zagone said digital currencies and blockchain are being recognized as part of the United States ‘ technological independence.

Technology must be a national topic for the United States, with digital currencies and blockchain to be recognized within that goal, according to Ripples ‘ director of Regulatory Relations, Ryan Zagone, at the Consensus 2019 conference on May 14.

Zagone stated that technology must be a national security issue for the United States to ensure that the country is the leader and does not depend on foreign innovators:

“There is a wide discussion in Washington that 5G is dominated by foreign companies and the United States depends on foreign technology and foreign experience … with blockchain and crypto, I think there is now a recognition that these will be part of our future infrastructure … it is important both for national security and from an economic perspective, that the United States is a leader”

Recently, lawmakers reintroduced the Token taxonomy Act, which would exclude cryptocurrency from being classified as a security. The law also pursues the introduction of regulatory certainty for businesses and regulators in the U.S. blockchain industry, as well as the clarification of conflicting state initiatives and regulatory resolutions that have confused the issue.

In addition, the announcement draws attention to the growing strength of the digital asset markets and blockchain industry in both Europe and China, and states that the law is necessary to keep the United States competitive in the global market.

As reported in March, the number of lobbyists working on blockchain technology issues in Washington DC tripled in 2018, reaching 33 projects in the fourth quarter of 2018 compared to 12 in the same period of 2017. Jerry Brito, executive director of the non-profit organization Coin Center, suggested that growth is driven by securities regulation.

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