Snoop Dogg To Promote Ripple At Invite-Only Event In NYC

Snoop Dogg will perform at Ripple’s “invitation only” event in New York City on May 15.

Ripple is hosting a VIP meeting, dubbed “XRP Community Night,” in New York on May 15, featuring a Performance By Snoop Dog, the company announced on Tuesday, April 24.

The event is “by invitation only”, but two Twitter contests will run in which participants will be able to compete for ten entries:” Twitter Trivia “and” Make the Meme”, on April 26 and May 2, respectively.

Ripple says the “special night” is to thank those who are helping the company develop the XRP Ledger and xRapid platform, as well as all those who are “spreading the good word about Ripple’s many benefits.”

Social media predictably split between fans and skeptics, but one Twitter user rode the wave with kindly indifference:

This isn’t showbiz’s first foray into the crypto sphere, with singer Lionel Richie recently appearing in a Super Bowl TV ad promoting Bitcoin Futures, former Liverpool football star Michael Owen launching his own token, and heiress and TV star Paris Hilton endorsing ICO LydianCoin last year.

(SEC) broke a high-profile ICO scam earlier this month, which was backed by boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled. In November, the SEC expressed broader concern that celebrity endorsement of ICOs could in certain cases be illegal.

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